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All services promised are done. The cleaning products used leave a pleasant light lemony scent. I have severe allergies; the products are hypoallergenic and cause me no problems.
- Hans B., Markham, ON
Merry Maids are friendly, understanding, caring, and excellent at their jobs. I know that I will always have someone come on a regular basis, and can depend on their professionalism and honesty
- Ginnie M., Markham, ON
What I like
- Consistency of cleaners is really wonderful.
- Flexibility of scheduling when needed.
- Kim C., Markham, ON
Punctuality and attention to detail. Cleaning products used by you are excellent, and I don't need to provide them.
- Myra P., Markham, ON
The ladies who clean my house are very dedicated to their job and do a wonderful job of cleaning and making sure everything is in order and looks nice when they are done. Also, they are very friendly and polite and I enjoy seeing them.
- Ellen A., Markham, ON

It's so nice to come home to a clean house! With 4 kids, there never seems to be time for the big cleaning, only the day to day stuff. Merry Maids saves me so much time and gives me peace of mind that my house is clean! We can actually have people over to socialize.

- D Mallany, Markham, ON

They maintain their schedule, the cleaning is very good, and they immediately fix any problems that may arise. They are very flexible with additional requests and are very accommodating.

- D Wong, Markham, ON

Always a great job...the ladies are excellent with the family pooch.
- H & J Beckwith, Markham, ON

They work very hard to accommodate my schedule. House is always spotless!

- K Bolton, Markham, ON

The girls are very efficient and thorough and have a good attitude.....always with a smile. They do a good job and I look forward to seeing them.
- Ala B., Markham, ON
More often than not, our customers are pleasantly surprised with the cleaning they receive and want to tell people about it. Who are we to stop them? If you have a cleaning experience with Merry Maids of Markham & Unionville you would like to share, you’ve come to right place! Just leave your comments below with your name and email so we can verify who you are. We are always happy to hear from satisfied customers and look forward to hearing from you.

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