Merry Maids of Markham and Unionville
Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Any company can say they perform green cleaning but do they really know what it means? Green cleaning consists of using environmentally friendly tools and practices designed to remove harmful contaminants when cleaning. Every clean done by Merry Maids of Markham & Unionville incorporates green cleaning methods.

Merry Maids of Markham & Unionville uses environmentally friendly cleaning products. We custom order our green cleaning solutions, so as to eliminate the harsh chemicals that are commonly used. As noted earlier, green cleaning doesn’t just stop at using the right cleaning solution. We also have a variety of additional green cleaning tools.

Microfibre is considered a great cleaning material as it traps more harmful contaminants and allows them to be removed from the premises. Merry Maids of Markham & Unionville uses colour coded microfibre cloths so germs from one room aren’t spread throughout your home.

Another key tool is our Pro Team backpack vacuums. They trap more contaminants than ordinary vacuums so as to actually increase air quality in your home.

Green cleaning is not only a more thorough cleaning, it actually conditions your home by reducing germs. When it comes to cleaning, you can count on Merry Maids of Markham & Unionville.